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If you landed on this page while searching for information, there is a good chance that your finical future is in jeopardy because of what the IRS now considers "Abusive Tax Shelters"

If you have participated in a 419e plan, 412i plan, Section 79 listed or reportable transaction, you have very specific things to accomplish to save you from IRS fines and penalties. 
Many participants don't even know that they are in an abusive tax shelter until they get huge IRS fines and penalties which are not able to be appealed.

We know how to get things done. We can help anyone with problems resulting from being in a listed transaction or a reportable transaction.‚Äč

There is an abundance of information here to help you decide what path to take. You also could call us at 516-938-5007 for a free consulation and let our team of experts help you find the best solution.